Guide for purchases

A range of framed oil paintings (unsold after exhibition) are available to purchase directly from the artist.

An exclusive range of original drawings are also available 

Step1. To order, type the name of the painting with your address and email into the contact page.

      2. Bank details will be sent for the transfer of payment with a receipt upon clearing

      3. The painting will be dispatched via a fully tracked 24hr courier, free of charge in the U.K.

          Please note; International delivery time will vary and is subject to a courier charge, to be arranged            at point of sale. 

In accordance with Fountain Gallery's wishes I'm unable to grant discounts. E-mails available upon request.

               All dimensions refer to the painting's size minus its frame.
    Paintings are oils on archival panel, supplied framed & are currently available.

                Drawings are on acid free paper and are unframed

                                          click an image to enlarge


Golden 35cm by 32cm  £4,500

oil painting of two roses

Sky Roses 35cm by 27cm  £1,270


             Equestrian Study. 43 cm by 30cm 
                  Unframed Conté on paper

oil painting of three pears by michael de bono

Three Pears  35cm by 22cm  £950

oil painting of two white tulips

Two White Tulips  35cm by 28cm  £600

Mandolin Player.JPG

The Mandolin Player  35cm by 27cm  £1,800

oil painting for sale of a teacup modern art

Teacup With A Wedge Of Lemon. Oil on panel. 13" X 8.5"   £1,100


Teapot with Lemon  30cm by19cm  £950

oil painting of honey

 Honey Oil on panel. 11" X 11" £ 1,500

oil painting realism contemporary for sale woman in red dress by coast beach

Lantern Light. Oil on panel. 14" X 11". £ 1,800

oil painting of a woman holding scale like vermeer

In the Balance  36cm by31cm  £1,800

oil painting of a woman in a golden headdress

 Golden Headdress. Oil on panel.12" X 11". £ 900

The Long View.jpg

The Long View  30cm by 24cm  £1,150


Reverie 36cm by 25cm £850

Better Days.jpg

Better Days 32cm by24cm £900

oil painting of a welsh landsape

Dyffryn Hardd. oil on panel. 15" X 12". £900.00

oil painting of a woman

Going Home 34cm by26cm £1,200

Woman with Parasol.JPG

Woman with Parasol  27cm by 21cm  £950

oil painting of a woman at the beach for sale

Serenade 48cm by 42cm £2,800

oil painting of a couple in love at the beach

Love 29cm by 22cm £1,050

Lady of the Yellow Flower.jpg

Lady of the Yellow Flower 46cm by 45cm £2,900.

Guiding Light.jpg

Candle and Crystal Ball  27cm by 23cm £750

Woman with Fruit.jpg

Woman with Fruit  37cm by 28cm £1,400

Bright Nights.jpg

Bright Nights   30cm by 25cm £900

oil painting for sale of a woman with fruit by the beach

Daybreak 44cm by 27cm £985

oil painting of a candle

Candle  23cm by17cm  £700


Rustic Pepper. oil on panel. 10" X 12".£ 950.00

The Mystic.jpg

The Mystic. oil on panel. 30 cm by 38cm  £2,900


A Double Edged Question. oil on canvas. 30 cm by 25cm  £1,600


Profile  30cm by 30cm  £1,700


         Headdress Study. Conté on paper.
                 17 cm by 16.5 cm 


Woman on a Plinth. 43 cm by 30cm 
             Conté on paper


Portrait with Headdress. Graphite on paper.
                 28 cm by 28cm 


Study for Pearl. Conté on paper 
         43 cm by 30cm 

Conté drawing for sale by Michael de Bono of a woman in a headdress traditional realism contemporary 2021

Woman in a Headdress. Conté on paper.
                 28 cm by 25cm 


Portrait. Conté on paper.
  23.5 cm by 21.5cm 

drawing of lady realism contemporary art red Conté

Nude Study. Conté on paper.
        43 cm by 30cm 


Veil Study 26 cm by 26 cm 
      Conte on paper


Oil painting for sale by Michael de Bono artist woman holding flowers

Woman with Flowers 27 cm by 27 cm 
      Oil on archival panel